About Us

What in the world does K&L stand for?

Well, K&L are just our names! We are sisters Karen and Loren who manage the shop.

Here are 5 things you should know about K&L Cafe.

How did we start?

We created a space where we can impart to our customers our experience whenever we go to the place where we grew up in, Baguio City.

Baguio for us is home. In our busy lives, we always go back to where we came from to touch base to our true selves. This city reenergizes us and brings back our sanity. We are most relaxed when we’re here.

K&L strives to be just exactly that place for our customers – a place where one can step back for a while, to relax and enjoy with the people that matter to him or her.

Our shop is a mix of rural and modern – showcased in our food and interior – as an illustration of our influences.

For the food, we can’t take off our favorite thing in the world, which are desserts. We specialize in rustic cupcakes and other pastries. We try to incorporate our favorite ingredients from Baguio in our menu. Most of our food will aim to comfort and reenergize one’s exhausted body and mind.

Our other ventures:

Blushing Cupcakes

– Online Dessert Shop
– Customized Cakes, Cupcakes and Dessert Provider

Salt and Pepper Studios

– Food Styling & Photography



Figures of Beans

– We’re bringing your favorite local coffee beans straight to your doorstep!





Listen to what our happy customers have to say:

“Great food. Very affordable, substantial serving!! Their pork ribs plate is humongous! Nice quaint homey feel of the place. Very quiet. Nice dining experience everytime. Highly recommended.”

– Scrumpchie Roberto


“Good food and a cozy place to stay. I love it since I tried their pastas and the cheesecakes in Ortigas branch but know I find it in Katipunan will be coming back with my love.”

– Joana Roque


“I love everything about this place, from their food, staff and interiors. This place is just perfect.”

– Abby A Juan